1st on net (india) : Are u ready to win the cup of imagination.

Ideas Project has a treasury of almost 7,000 unutilized ideas. So, if you are planning to participate, you can utilize IdeasProject in the following ways:




To sum this up, the process of participating in Imagine Cup is as follows:















First round projects will be due March 13th – with 2nd round due May 3rd. The 3 finalist teams will be selected and then will learn who wins on-stage at the World Festival in Sydney Australia on July 10th .

 IdeasProject and Imagine Cup 2012

The Windows Phone Challenge sponsored by Nokia invites students to develop socially conscious apps that will be judged on the quality of the project, how well it’s communicated and how will it adhere to the Imagine Cup Theme of solving the world’s toughest problems using technology. Last year, Windows Phone 7 was the most frequent technology used among Imagine Cup students: nearly half of the competing teams at the Worldwide Finals integrated mobile elements in their projects. Will this year’s Challenge prove to be bigger and stronger that the last? We certainly hope so!


One comment on “1st on net (india) : Are u ready to win the cup of imagination.

    February 22, 2012

    thanks for the news…!!!!!! 🙂
    Planning to participate ..
    thanks for useful information……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    about nokia Imagine cup 2012

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