The NOKIA wants YOU to have windows at ANY COST !!!

Yes, it’s going to be a cheapest device, comparatively. The comparison might be to the recent releases of Nokia or even other brands, which have their similarly featured devices with most generally an android system. The new Nokia Lumia 610 is destined to make changes in the trend of the market. The Lumia handsets have an entirely new perspective of customer service and the new one among them definitely will have something fresh to offer. Not much information on the model or its release is known.

yet but it is sure that the phone is destined to become one of the most low priced windows phone yet.

Nokia Lumia 710 already is tagged around Rs 16,000/- and it’s cheap for a smart phone device and that too without having any kind of tie ups. The price of the new Lumia handsets though not know is still expected to be affordable.

All that is known about the new Nokia Lumia 610 is that it will be featuring a Windows Phone platform OS enriched with the latest Tango update. The low priced windows phone might comes with SONY Nova Thor. Dual Core CPU (nokia and ST Erc. deal) or a low end camera. But the good side is it will open an entire new world of such smart phones with a Smartphone OS.


2 comments on “The NOKIA wants YOU to have windows at ANY COST !!!

    February 22, 2012

    they are planning to take over entry level advance OS market and try to defeat ANDROID and this
    is the NUCLEAR BOMB on ANDROID …. interesting….

    February 25, 2012

    So this news was true nokia is giving LUMIA 610 windows 7.5 in Q1-Q2 of this year.

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