Application : MeeShair – ShairPort for Nokia N9/N950 MeeGo Harmattan

    MeeShair MeeGo Based ShairPort Nokia N9 N950 Application   MeeShair   ShairPort  for Nokia N9/N950 MeeGo Harmattanrobotsindisguise for the Picture

    This is a little utility allows you to stream audio from I-tunes /I-phone4 library to your N9/N950. It is an adaptation of Shairport. Credits to the original developer.

    It has a couple of dependencies such as Avahi-daemon (a stripped down version), Avahi-utils, libdaemon, libao4 and libssl, dbus (which should be on your system already).
    The application is still a little bit on the rough edge (background terminal running, but works really great and sound is excellent provided you have a good WiFi connection on your network. There are a lot of room for improvements

    Install the following in this order: libdaemon, avahi-daemon, avahi-utils, libao4, meeshair.
    A reboot is necessary in order to activate the avahi init daemon.

    After you’re done, just fire up MeeShair icon on your N9 and on your Itunes/Iphone select MeeShair as the audio output. Files Available from Maemo.Org


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