The legend born at April 2010 with12 mega pixel Carl zeiss is creative | N8

As we focus on all things photography here at Nokia Connects during #NCPhotoWeek, let’s not forget that the camera in your Nokia can also be used to capture  videos 720p (sufficient for now) to you and I.

Nam nguyen  on you tube

Capture the ‘Real life’ look at what the N8 is capable of, Nam nguyen has taken to the garden to show various aspects of focus, depth of field and close up work. Well worth watching through to see everything that was filmed and for inspiration for your own movies:

freezingbarn on you tube

Giving us the leaf-/stone-eye’s point of view of the woods is an interesting twist, and freezingbarnhas used the N8 to show us what happens when they are disturbed.

I definitely winced when the water came into play, but the underwater shots are awesome. Let us take this opportunity to give a hearty ‘Well Done’ for In the Wood.

As a bonus, here’s another timelapse video (shot with an N8) of the clouds rolling in. Check out the plane towards the end.

Just this phone doesn’t have future hardware (ram, processor) also  Symbian is being killed by Nokia due to low screen reso. problem the phone will not have BELLE feature pack 1.0 but , the powerfully  designed camera helps people do creative things with Nokia N8. 

What do you people think , give your comments your e-mail would not published or disturbed by us. 

Thank you !!!


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