Nokia Rich Recording brings true stereo sound with pure view | 808

Nokia 808 PureView

Covered By Adam Fraser  on conversations .

the video above demonstrates. It shows the Nokia 808 PureView pitched against two other competitor devices to record the sounds of a singing group, a car engine and a rock band playing a track.


What you’ll notice is that the recordings from the Nokia 808 PureView are considerably better than the other devices.

What makes Nokia Rich Recording different to any other current high-end smartphone is the ability to record sound without distortion at around 140-145db. Most current smartphones record up to 110db. The Nokia 808 PureView records at volumes four times louder than conventional microphones.

The lower bass sounds are also captured without distortion and by combining the upper and lower range together you’re left with the full range of sounds. The result is almost CD-like quality.

Given that the Nokia 808 PureView is capable of capturing some amazing HD footage with the video camera, the addition of true stereo sound makes the phone a great movie-making device.

The Nokia 808 PureView will be the first phone to feature Nokia Rich Recording technology, however we’ll be seeing it introduced to the rest of the smart devices portfolio in the future.

Here is the hands on video ( 6.32 mins ) of  NOKIA 808 by the aqudsi :


2 comments on “Nokia Rich Recording brings true stereo sound with pure view | 808

    March 24, 2012

    wat is dis

  2. rocknrolla
    May 21, 2012

    Adam – impressive video and love the phone especially the audio quality on my Bose QC15 headphones. When would the windows phones have it in them? Also as an aside – which rock band is playing for the video / audio demo – They sound cool!

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