Avoiding common mistakes when creating app prototypes for your Nokia or any phone

Creating a prototype of your new app is a vital part of the development process, and we recently created two new videos to help you avoid common prototyping mistakes.
The first video shows you the basics of creating a simple prototype, outlining some easy methods for drawing your app idea, and taking it from pen-and-paper to software solutions including Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq and Inkscape. 
Creating icons for your prototype app can also be simplified if you use our Nokia Icon Toolkit. It features some ready-made icons you can use in your app, and templates for creating new Nokia icons. Combine this with Visual design stencils, and you can easily sketch how your app is going to look.
Our second prototyping video shows some common problems and mistakes you might encounter when using Qt Quick components to design Symbian and Nokia N9 apps. 
Common prototyping pitfalls are also covered in our Symbian Design Guidelines library.

For what to avoid :

New privacy policies for Nokia Store apps

A preview of the updated Nokia Store Content Guidelines (v1.4), which includes important new privacy guidelines, is now available online for your review. 

These updated guidelines will go into effect on 8 April 2012, and the new privacy policy specifically affects any new apps that gather personal information. 

It should be noted that apps that are already published in Nokia Store do not need to be resubmitted for publication. 

These updated content guidelines also include additions to the section about in-app purchasing, and requirements for any app that makes use of this monetization option. 

We strongly encourage you to make the time to review this important information, to avoid any potential problems during the QA process.

You can get the latest content guidelines in the Nokia Publish site.

For more information, please contact Nokia Support.



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