Good News for Apps Developers !!! : Microsoft releases update to Windows Phone SDK, (adds support for lower-ended 256MB devices)

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A 7.1.1 update to the Windows Phone SDK has just hit Microsoft’s servers today with tools tailored forTango’s lowered memory support in tow. According to the company’s Windows Phone Developer Blog, this refresh “doesn’t add much in the way of new features to [the] WPSDK,” mostly addressing emulation for 256MB handsets, compatibility for Windows 8, a patch for Visual Studio, bug fixes for the Advertising SDK, additional language support and an ability for IntelliSense to switch between RAM configurations.


It’s a hefty 300MB download, since the package accommodates both OS images (512MB and 256MB), and should take about 15 minutes for a complete install. Consider yourself part of the mobile dev pack? Then hit up the source below to get a head start creating those Metro-style apps. Download now from official site of Microsoft  download center.


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