THIS SEASON IS ONLY FOR NEW DEVELOPERS | Nokia, Microsoft invest in Finnish mobile-app Development Programme

Nokia rules : covered by farhan hussain

Microsoft and Nokia to invest up 18 million euros in mobile application development program at Aalto University

Nokia and Microsoft have jointly agreed to each invest up to 9 million euros over three years in a new mobile-application-development program at Aalto University. The program, called AppCampus, has been established to foster the creation of innovative apps for several mobile ecosystems, including Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and Series 40, to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups.


AppCampus development program. The program will call Finland’s Aalto University home, and is being created to provide design and technological support in addition to business coaching to help app developers build quality apps that make money. 

‘AppCampus offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice and create world-class mobile products. Our focus is to foster innovation and help local developers create successful businesses: this programme will help create opportunities not just in Finland, but all over the world by connecting them with consumers from over 190 countries that download millions of apps every day through their Nokia phones’, says Marco Argenti, SVP, Nokia Developer Experience & Marketplace.

Be ready for May 2012, the Finland-based program will be led and managed by Aalto University, which has a growing reputation as a hotbed of new startup companies. AppCampus is intended to attract thousands of application proposals from students and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Aalto University will make a significant contribution to the project by providing premises, coaching services, and access to both academic and business networks for budding app developers.

Mobile entrepreneurs can apply for

grants within the AppCampus

program beginning in May 2012.

More information can be found at

The official site and contacts :

For more information email nokia at

Postal address:

Metallimiehenkuja 10, 2nd floor
P.O. Box 17600, FI-00076 Aalto

Let the Apps Begin!


2 comments on “THIS SEASON IS ONLY FOR NEW DEVELOPERS | Nokia, Microsoft invest in Finnish mobile-app Development Programme

    March 27, 2012

    i want to go finland but i dont have mony $$$$ baby they rules

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