“ The first round is now  completed. Thank you very much for everyone who participated in and  registered to the second phase, and used IdeasProject ideas as a well of  inspiration!

Round  2 – Application Submission takes place between April 3-May 3.Please  follow the latest from official Windows Phone Challenge pages. .

And you can still enjoy the ideas created by IdeasProject community, use them to spar your own thoughts!

Good look with the Round 2! ”

For those who don’t know, in a nutshell, what is IdeasProject?

Ideas Project is an online community for everybody from all around the world to brainstorm. It enables the two-way exchange of ideas between users and developers around ideas and innovation.

For new comers it’ never late

But , HOW ???

There are few tricks on how to create a good idea:

1. The title of an idea should already tell what it’s all about – keep it simple, but catchy
2. IdeasProject automatically lets you know if a similar idea already exists – don’t create duplicate ideas, but contribute to the existing idea, improve it by adding a comment, and/or rate it.
3. Describe your idea as clearly as possible in the free text box. Please include the following elements or as many as you can:  

  • Background / problem – What customer need does your idea address? Which target group has a need for it?
  • Description / solution – How does your idea address that need? How can it be implemented? What are the next steps to iterate and improve the idea? (This can of course be refined as a result of the comments posted by others.)
  • Benefits – How does this idea add value for Nokia and our consumers?
  • Challenges – Highlight any risks and problems to be resolved and any competing ideas that also meet this need.
  • Please include images or attachments to help explain your idea.

4. Tag your idea in simple terms.

The picture below illustrates the process how to create an idea:


For more you want >>

Leave Rply , it is 100 % safe


One comment on “THE IDEAS PROJECT 2012 | Powered by UNESCO

  1. Viraaj soni
    March 29, 2012

    Lol i dont know why but no one have brain to solve this chalenge

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