Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE speed test (hands-on)

Reporters has tested Band Width app for Windows Phone OS on identical handsets in New York and San Francisco , results were dramatically different.

AT&T performed great for Brian, averaging 19.5Mbps down and about 6.13Kbps up in multiple neighborhoods and boroughs. The phone even managed to grab hold of a strong signal within there offices, something that troubles Verizon’s vaunted 4G LTE network. This kind of throughput made downloading megabytes of audio podcasts and surfing through graphically complex Web sites a piece of cake.

Nokia Lumia 900Brian Bennett got blazing LTE speeds on the Nokia Lumia 900 in Manhattan.

Credit: Sarah Tew

Across the country, LTE was much more choked-up in San Francisco. Jessica’s speed tests averaged at 7.69Mbps down and 2.99Mbps up, with highs of 10, 12, and 11Mbps and lows of about 3Mbps down.

Data speed test on the Nokia Lumia 900Speeds weren’t so zippy for Jessica Dolcourt in San Francisco.

Credit: Josh Miller

Admittedly, the app’s speeds are diagnostic, and slower LTE speeds in one market versus another could be caused by many things. Jessica has seen speeds much closer to what Brian witnessed on AT&T’s LTE network in San Francisco on other handsets, like the LG Nitro HD.

It will be one of the first two Windows Phones, ever, to surf 4G LTE.


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