Nokia Maps Suite Officially released last hour | get out of home !!!


NOKIA Released in the last hour is the official version of Nokia Maps Suite 2.0, with the core maps component version-labelled as 3.9(4). It’s now available to all Symbian^3/Anna/Belle devices and without a ‘beta’ flag attached. Think of Maps Suite as the latest versions of Maps/Drive, together with Transport, Weather and some fancy new widgets, all rolled into a convenient update.

This suite combines Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive as well as the new Nokia Public Transport, and enhances them with key application shortcuts developed specifically for Symbian. Now you can instantly access useful information such as weather, guides, and your current location.  Existing capabilities, such as deep traffic integration and full offline maps, are combined with new, rich enhancements such as tighter application integration, improved ease of use, and greater personalization options.

What’s new in this release?

You already know Nokia Maps for delivering best-in-class mapping, navigation, and photorealistic 3D views. This latest release raises the bar even further with a new way to show and tell where you’ve been with photos on a map, new voice search capability, and direct home-screen access to your favorite places. Finding your way has never been easier.

As ever, there may be some degree of staggered rollout of the update, i.e. depending on country – our editorial devices all see the update though.


One comment on “Nokia Maps Suite Officially released last hour | get out of home !!!

    April 4, 2012

    what is map suit

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