USA | Demo your app @ Mobile Monday Silicon Valley, Boston or Austin


If you are in the US and have a cool Windows Phone app, we want to help you show it off to hundreds of people at a Mobile Monday event.

If you have a unique, cool, or downright amazing app, tell us about it for a chance to join us at the upcoming Mobile Monday event in your area. Mobile Monday is a global organization that brings together the mobile community in cities around the world.

Nokia Lumia 900 ATT smallWe are sponsoring Mobile Monday events in Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin this month. Along with demos of our latest smartphones – including the award-winning Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone – we will pick several developers to show how apps become amazing experiences on Nokia devices and the Windows Phone platform.

Here is when Nokia Developer will be at a Mobile Monday near you:

Mobile Monday Silicon Valley  – April 16th
Mobile Monday Boston  – April 23rd
Mobile Monday Austin – April 30th
How to be part of the Mobile Monday showcase:

  1. Have an app that works on a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone device
  2. Send the following brief details via e-mail to
  • Your name, company and contact information (include your e-mail and phone)
  • A link to your app in Windows Phone Marketplace, or link to the private beta of your app in Windows Phone Marketplace
  • A brief description and any screenshots of your app
  • Why your app is amazing, cool, or unique

Selected developers will be notified seven days prior to the event. That’s it. We look forward to seeing you at Mobile Monday later this month!


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