GLOBAL | The New Qt 3D Released By Nokia

Well its taken 3+ years for Qt 3D to be an overnight success, but here it is: we are now part of Qt5 and we’ll be front and centre in the exciting picture that will be powering a new generation of QML enhanced apps on a whole range of platforms. As a Qt5 Essential Qt 3D will be running on all those supported Qt5 platforms providing OpenGL accelerated 3D content defined in QML. Its great news for us in the team, and good news for those of you using Qt 3D or planning on using it for your projects.

If you’re a Qt 3D fan and have been following the project for a while you’ll know that as a labs project we had to do our own releases, carefully making sure that packages we created matched the current supported versions of Qt 4. We have in the past released easy-to-use packages for Symbian^3, N900 and the N9 platforms, as well as for Windows desktop; and supported Linux and Mac with source packages. We got great feedback from those package releases, and saw some interesting projects built on Qt 3D…

…What about Qt5? That is where the excitement lies, with a vastly improved QML rendering engine, which has the benefit for Qt 3D of guaranteed OpenGL support. If you have QML2 then you have OpenGL and that means Qt 3D is ready to go on any Qt5 platform. We’d love you to try out Qt 3D on Qt5 – go and check out the Qt5 Alpha release which has just been announced, and tell us what you think. If you want to try out the bleeding edge, you can also get Qt 3D in Qt5 by building from Git.


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This entry was posted on April 11, 2012 by in NOKIA.
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