US/Canada | Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T, ROCKING OUT OF STOCKS

We had received several reports that the Nokia Lumia 900 was out of stock – I wasn’t quite sure myself what the reasoning behind that was, whether demand, stocking issue or due to removal of the phones to update them with the data fix. Well news of that has reached all the way to TheVerge who also comment on how both the Lumia 900 has exceeded AT&T’s expectations as well as also being out of stock at major AT&T stores.

seen at the verge :

Pretty much a lot of the sites reporting the bug and how Nokia handled this were also quite favourable about Nokia. (All but one really. Looking at you, IBTimesUK, ‘dogged with problems’, ‘affect uk sales’, ‘not so great reviews’). BGR even went on to say that Nokia was appeasing an Angry mob, but gained life long loyalists.

Honest about problems, accepting them and letting the public know, giving options to swap or get a software update that arrived 2/3 days early, with a good will gesture of $100 (that turned into an opportunity to get more customers as potential customers were also offered this until April 21st). 

Looking at Amazon, it shows at least some good demand remaining at the top of the chart. Black more popular than the Blue which has dropped to 4th. The position of both may remain in higher ranking if they were set as one device. It is no longer in the top 100 of cell phones and accessories, but it was very good to see it debut at reach that list. Many new phones don’t.

This is really, again, just quite astonishing for a Nokia phone in the US of all places. It’s achieving something that even various other stronger brands will find it an achievement were they to repeat what the 900 is doing. We sincerely hope it is translating into solid sales.


2 comments on “US/Canada | Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T, ROCKING OUT OF STOCKS

  1. Anonymous
    April 16, 2012

    nokia lumia with high quality selling at low price , confirm is a very good deal for customers . I believe nokia can turnaround .

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