SOME RUMOURS IN THE AIR | Your N9 will get PR1.3 before PR1.2 ?

Could this be a prep for PR1.3 ???

It’s all starts from here,

Director for Applications for MeeGo at Nokia, Sotiris Makrygiannis/@melsop74 tweeted that 1.2 as expected is to be out soon. When asked for the dates, he hinted that perhaps that extra day of the next month,

 “1.2 at critical path, soon out. Say hello to 1.3 a small but still valuable update. All that and more from the #n9 team.

On dates for 1.2

@jhaggett it would be cool but maybe we will that extra day next month”

Also, it seems that there are multiple updates being pushed out for the N9 in the past two days including:

  • Developer Mode
  • Nokia Link PC connection (Nokia Suite usually gets updated right before pushing out FW updates- so this could be a sign)
  • Real Golf (Not really important but as mentioned by Gerii in the comments this was also updated shortly before PR1.2)

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This entry was posted on April 17, 2012 by in MEEGO, NOKIA.
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