INSIDE | European carriers cold to Nokia Lumia? Just Demanded in USA? (WP at 4.95% in Finland says Statcounter)

European carriers criticising Nokia Lumia for there sake ???

what is truth behind it ?

Reuters via Engadget reports that European carriers are not too pleased with the current Lumia line’s performance.

Apparently one of the unnamed executives of a European carrier was complaining that “no one comes into the store and asks for a Windows Phone”. I wonder how many people come in specifically to ask for the T-Mobile G1 just a few months after it was launched.

Reuters adds:

Sceptics among operators say the sleek, neon-coloured phones are overpriced for what is not an innovative product, cite a lack of marketing dollars put behind the phones, and image problems caused by glitches in the battery and software of the early models.

Over priced? Wasn’t everyone complaining about how cheap Nokia were selling Lumia for? Do people actually look to see how much the phone is and what it offers against the competition? I would agree it isn’t pushing any current boundaries on specifications. But I think it is still priced quite adequately for a handset that performs very well.

Engadget points out that the opposite is claimed in the US:

AT&T claims to be having a different experience in the U.S., having gone to unusual lengths to market the Lumia 900 (even if that recent Time Square fandango was all Nokia) and now seeing it sell out in “many stores.”

This news ripples from Nokia’s own statements, with Q1 warnings for the upcoming report in a couple of dates.

According to statcounter, although very slowly, the market share for WP is increasing. In the past 6 months. It is actually visible in this graph instead of ‘other’

  • From 0.55 in October.
  • November, 0.55
  • Nokia arrival in those 6 initial countries (+other WP), 1 month in, 0.62%
  • January 2012, 0.69% (0.62% UK, 0.94% France, 1.2% Italy, 1.43% Germany)
  • February 2012, 0.83% (0.67% UK, 0.99% France, 1.22% Italy, 1.6% Germany )
  • March 2012, 0.99%. (0.78%UK, 1.09% France, 1.34% Italy, 1.58% Germany)

Could we say that Nokia’s entry to Windows Phone is at least getting it some momentum? It is very small. Windows Phone has been around for a year, but Nokia has only had 6 months to have a go at it.

Let’s look at Android. HTC G1, from October 2008. It was quite a decent phone at the time and perhaps had what it took to begin rivalling Symbian phones of the day.


Android took time to start too, and the competition it was entering is not as tough as it is now.


We can only hope all would adopt Lumia like Finland, alas, not quite just yet.

Europe seems to have been going cold to Nokias for a while. Just a check at the main 4, from the earliest period until the end of 2010.

Any notable difference in trajectory?


Wrote by JAY

Source: Reuters via engadget


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