Nokia to hire 10,000 new workers for New Vietnam Factory

Nokia is finally on the track about the plans from Nokia to produce a factory in Vietnam.

There were some delays due to negotiations with the Vietnamese government but newer reports say that all seems good to go. Nokia are reportedly spending $300M to build a new factory in Vietnam which will look to hire around 10,000 employees.

The expected announcement is April 23rd (next Monday). Not sure when the completion date is but the factory is expected to produce 47M phones per year by 2014.  (Is that enough?). What will be produced in there, the inquisitr isn’t sure.

Shifting device assembly to Asia is targeted at improving our time to market. By working more closely with our suppliers, we believe that we will be able to introduce innovations into the market more quickly and ultimately be more competitive – Niklas Savander


However, digging up the archives, we can see that it was apparently for the next billion. But with only 47M per year, does Nokia understand that these Next Billion have to be smartphones?


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2 comments on “Nokia to hire 10,000 new workers for New Vietnam Factory

  1. pre def
    April 19, 2012

    they wanna make asha there in moist place ???

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