Rumor | Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” being tested on Lumia 800, new features detailed

According to a thread over at a Chinese Windows Phone community wpxap, one member claims that the next version of the platform, code named “Apollo“, is currently being tested by an employee on a retail Lumia 800. Take this with a grain of salt before we continue, we’re not entirely convinced ourselves as to whether or not this is actual reality, but it’s best to be informed nonetheless. (In addition, supposed “insider” MS_Nerd Tweeted early this morning that the Lumia 610 was also testing Apollo).

This, of course, also suggests that current Windows Phones will be able to run Windows Phone 8, unlike earlier rumors made by some web sites on your internet. Compatibility with current apps, however, is indeed preserved, with the few incompatibilities that exist being worked on.

Should what this poster has written be true, this would continue the debate on generation 1 / 1.5 Windows Phones being able to receive the “Apollo” update.

What is noted are some noticeable improvements including speed / touch responsiveness, folders, an Internet Explorer overhaul and gravity sensing. Insiders believes the last feature to be tilt mechanics, with an example provided for enlarging image thumbnails by lifting the device closer to the users’ eyes.

The inclusion of folders is an interesting addition to the list. What else is active on the acclaimed test version of “Apollo” is VPN support, which is reported to be disabled on the final build. As well as these features that have been published by an unconfirmed source, we expect the next major update of Windows Phone to introduce higher screen resolutions and dual-core support.

Gravity induction, is for games and file system. Think like a tilt mechanism but for ups and downs. (you can enlarge thumbnails in the file system simply by lifting the device closer to your eyes. )

The Major changes in the Internet Explorer and Ability to add folders can be big impression for windows but we are using it much earlier in Symbian as well.

Some regional market supports includes Enriched characters for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese can help windows to expend in China with Bulk SMS/MMM delete too.

But, No major UI changes.

However, there is a possibility that it will not make it to the final release and will be pushed to the WP 8.5 instead.


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