Rumor and Facts | Nokia Fluid/Qualcomm Fluid with Windows Phone 8 and Internet Explorer 10


Looking for Windows Phone 8 upgrades ?

We now also have increasing evidence of actual new Windows Phone 8 hardware being tested in tremendous hot progresses …

The latest is via DSLReport’s mobile speed test, which shows the user agent of two Windows Phone 8 handsets, one named Qualcomm Fluid and the other Nokia Fluid. Both of course have been spotted before, but now the full user agent confirms that these are Windows Phone 8 handsets running IE10.

Both Qualcomm Fluid and Nokia Fluid appeared before this.

The former might be a chip, the latter – a handset with that chip? But with Windows Phone 8? We don’t know much about it, but wasn’t there a 800MHz Qualcomm Fluid a couple of years back?  Unless there’s been an update, it might mean Windows Phone 8 on 800MHz? Recent rumours suggest WP8 is being tested on the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 610.

The speedtest apparently suggested the Nokia Fluid possibly having LTE on Verizon.  You might still be able to see something on the google cached pages. You might still be able to see something on the google cached pages here and here. You know that a WP8 LTE Nokia Lumia PureView was rumoured to appear on Verizon.

Specs with :

  1. Lumia PureView (possibly 12mp)
  2. ClearBlack HD display
  3. Dual Core MSM8960
  4. “The new Qualcomm S4 chip blew out the competition on the two Web-browser-based benchmarks.”
  5. “Adreno 225 GPU. Graphics performance was solid, and surprisingly, better than the Nvidia chip’s (NVidia’s tegra powered device apparently being the fastest android device they’ve tried)” 
  6. We already know how fast Lumia are on a single core processor. They might see a performance increase when WP8 meets dual core much more so than an equivalent Droid. It’s very much needed for marketing at least by Nokia now likely to meet you on Nokia tabs also  .

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