Nokia pushes partnerships with Windows Phone apps

Nokia is seeking to strengthen the appeal of its Windows Phone handsets by signing up a raft of exclusive third-party apps for the devices.

The company will offer Windows Mobile apps from companies such as Rovio, Paypal, and Box exclusively to Nokia handsets.

The announcement marks a major step for the company as it hopes to make its Nokia 900 the flagship for the Windows Mobile platform.

While the number of apps available for Windows Phone still pales in comparison to those for Android and iPhones, Nokia is looking to extend its ecosystem.

“We are focused on delivering great, locally relevant apps, and importantly, those which offer unique, exclusive and original experiences,” said Marco Argenti, senior vice president of Nokia Developer Experience and Marketplace.

“With Nokia Lumia smartphones now available in 48 markets, developers are rapidly recognising the business opportunities and creating their best work for our consumers.”

The news comes as Nokia attempts to position itself as the flagship phone for the Windows Mobile platform.

The company is attempting to make the fledgling platform more appealing to consumers with a larger selection of apps and a more defined brand.

Analysts have suggested that Nokia and Microsoft have a chance to set Windows Phones apart from other mobile platforms by offering a distinct app experience.

By creating exclusive partnerships with app creators Nokia will have unique apps for the Windows Metro UI.

The partnerships come on the heels of Nokia’s recent investment of 18 million euros at AALTO UNIVERSITY Finland to drive new developers to build for the Windows Phone.


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