UPDATE YOUR N9 WITH THE NEW Home Screen Settings (V 1.5.1)

Home Screen Settings is truly the greatest home screen hacking tool out! Currently, it can;

  • Unlock/Lock devices orientation
  • Remove the weather widget from events view
  • Show only white text (changing the events and switcher screen to have brighter and more visible text)
  • Change the background of the homescreens to a single image/wallpaper
  • Change background to “Sine Waves” – Dynamic wallpaper like PS3/PSP

Now, the developer has sent me the latest version, currently awaiting Store QA approval. With this version, there are more wallpaper related features. This update brings with it;

  •   A new dynamic wallpaper known as horizon. Update: The Horizon dynamic wallpaper will dynamically change its color
    scheme based on the time of the day
  •  A “glitter” effect on Sine Waves, which looks even more like the PS3 wallpaper, and
  •  Also the ability to have three Images, one for each of the Screens (Events, Launcher, Switcher)


This update should be in the store soon.

BUT if you don’t have even previous version , You can  have it from Nokia store > 


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This entry was posted on May 17, 2012 by in MEEGO, NOKIA.
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