Nokia pureview 808 review from Ndtv gadget guru india.


Now the 808 is officially available in India, here’s their review:

  • They call it a camera with a phone
  • Phone is a little big but good job on minimising the phone without unbalancing the design
  • Weight apparently a shocker
  • 4″ AMOLED disappoints in resolution – ‘a real waste’
  • Simple symbian phone
  • Devil is in the detail – an amazing level of detail in the pictures.
  • Zoom into the photo and keep pinching, and keep pinching.
  • Pictures are so detailed you can zoom into the smallest detail but do we even need 41mp? [The answer is YES. If you want the best performance, YES. If you want to improve over the bog standard photos, yes.]
  • @DhruvBhutani answers :D
  • Belle ‘did shock the world with the choice of OS’
  • Is it a huge mistake to put such a huge camera in a phone with Symbian? [Well, it’s either bring it out with Symbian or not at all. And FP1 is improved, no where near as frustrating as S^3/Anna/Belle]
  • At 1.3GHz it ‘lags behind dual core and quadcore ruling the market’. See. This is the kind of perception on specs we need to get around. The only way at the moment is to MEET those standard specs, even if they don’t do that much. It just shuts people up as most are unlikely to bother with questioning specs…unless it’s either too huge or from Nokia (remember how it was more MP the better until 41mp arrived, lol. But no worries! We have evidence pouring out of our ears that PureView in Nokia 808 is not a gimmick and outperforms every other camera phone by miles to the point it has to be compared with advanced compacts and professional cameras).
  • Buzzing with integrated audio support from Dolby giving a great sound
  • Device is sturdy, even 1400mAh good to last a day
  • Price – a steal for people who want to own a spectacular feat of technology
Scores an overall 9 out of 10.
I like that massive 808




One comment on “Nokia pureview 808 review from Ndtv gadget guru india.

  1. King luther
    June 27, 2012

    I hate that programe .
    really he is not a geek.

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