Video: Nokia 808 PureView vs Nokia N8 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

In this video, the Nokia 808 PureView is compared with the brother, N8, and the Kpop SGSIII.

The 808 video looks a lot more stable than the N8 right? I think the continuous AF of the 808 is most superior. You can see some delay and focus hunting in the SGSIII when either N8 or 808 had already focused.

Without looking at the video, you can immediately tell which is the Nokia 808 PureView because of rich recording:

  • Super high quality rich sound. Nokia 808 PureView is spectacular, N8 is superb, SGSIII almost sounds painful in comparison.
  • Stereo
  • Actual left right stereo channel separation (left recorded on the left, right on the right, where as N8 is front and side)  which makes playback of the stereo a much more realistic experience. If something moves from left to right, you can see and hear it. This isn’t talked about enough and is an extremely overlooked feature that I have no doubt Nokia will fail to talk about.

There’s a full on comparison post here:

Dammit, where are my Nokia 808 PureView adverts that scream about this being THE BEST CAMERA PHONE IN THE WORLD!!!!!! It is absolutely unrivalled! I wish Nokia would quit being so damn coy and actually shout about the things their good at.Vid


One comment on “Video: Nokia 808 PureView vs Nokia N8 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

  1. He man
    July 2, 2012

    Lol 4 s3

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