TOI : Nokia’s 41MP camera heading to Lumia | Official


Nokia recently launched its 808 PureViewsmartphone with a top-of-the-line 41MP camera, which is being lauded for its clarity and image quality. Now, Richard Kerris, vice president of worldwide developer relations at the Finnish mobile giant, has told Gizmodo that the PureView imaging technology will be used in the Lumia series “very soon.” 

The news is sure to be greeted warmly by Nokia as well as camera enthusiasts as it will move all-new PureView technology to Windows Phone platform. This can prove to be a potent combination for Nokia and may help it find gain a stronghold in the smartphone segment, where it is yet to make a mark. 

The camera technology of 808 PureView is presently limited to Symbian operating system only. Therefore, it may take the company some time before it can launch the Lumia smartphone with 41MP camera. 

Recent reviews have pegged PureView’s performance as being in-line with several high-end dedicated compact cameras, making it a highly appealing and potentially cost and space saving technology, when posed with the possibility of owning and carrying around two separate devices. Until now, however, PureView has not been paired with the value added features of a mainstream smartphone.

It’s looking increasingly likely that PureView will land on Nokia’s Lumia line-up in concert with the release of Windows Phone 8. The new mobile OS has received a fair bit of praise for integrating elements of the Windows 8 kernel and offering native C++ support to developers, amongst several other improvements.

The combination of PureView and Windows Phone 8 has serious potential to revitalise Nokia’s flagging Lumia sales, by offering strong value for money and an appealing platform for developers. Whilst this writer is a big fan of Android, he can’t wait to see what Microsoft and Nokia have to offer towards the year’s end.

The Times of India


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