Software update for Symbian Belle devices brings “Automatic SkyDrive upload” feature.

Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive comes to Symbian Belle devices now officially from Nokia. Fire the software update application on your Symbian Belle device for getting the software update “upload to SkyDrive” notification. It is a light software update and adds feature of automatic upload of photos captured on your Belle device to the SkyDrive in case you have a “live account” already.

You will see a application called “SkyDrive” in the Menu after this upadte.You can also create a live account through this SkyDrive application in case you don’t have one.

Other features of this SkyDrive applicatin are,

  • A neat option of enabling preference of upload of photos on “wifi”  only, considering amount of data consumed in upload of higher mega pixel images.
  • Option of  choosing quality and size of uploads actual images vs downscaled images.
  • You can see the last upload time and no. of items pending in upload status.

E-mail is not required | its safe

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