Video: New QML demos for Qt 5 and Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi for all developers

Here are 5 QML demoes of Qt 5 apps demoed by the Qt Blog.

  •  Calqlatr
  • SameGame
  • Maroon in trouble
  • TweetSearch
  • StocQt
These apps demonstrate a range of new visual features: Shader effects, animated sprites, the new particle system and the imperative canvas API.

You can read the blogpost over at:

Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi presentation

Here’s a look at Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi. This is running in full HD, though to stop the flickering is set at 25FPS which is apparently not as smooth as the original presentation.

The original 30 minute live talk was recorded, but this remade version should have better video quality of the Raspberry Pi output, and more interesting live coding examples.

To see the original, buy yourself a Raspberry Pi (40€ with delivery – see, get Qt5 ( and download the code for the app (

Wayland support on Raspberry Pi thanks to srodal (+jlind/paul/nezticle).

After the login, what you’re looking at is a Qt 5 App written mostly in QML on the Raspberry Pi.

Now here’s the video have a look :


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