Four award-winning photographers establish an exhibition featuring Nokia 808 PureView


Nokia Brazil is hosting a unique exhibition in São Paulo, DOC Gallery with 4 award-winning photographers, them using the Nokia 808 PureView to take images only for this exhibit.

About the photographers

Ana Ottoni began photographing professionally in 1990. Today, she works with business publications for print and electronic media, and worked for newspapers and foreign publications like Le Monde, New York Times and Financial Times, among others.


Marlene Bergamo won the Young Photographer Award. She is the co-author of the books “Brasil Bom de Bola” and “Carandiru”. Recently she has been photographing “stills” for national films together with directors like Hector Babenco and Ugo Giorgetti.


Klaus Mitteldorf is one of the most renowned photographers to work with camera phones. In 2002, he won the prestigious Fundação Conrado Wessel award, the biggest awards for this field in Brazil.


Finally, Bico Stupakoff already worked on fashion industry, for magazines as GQ, Glamour, Mademoiselle and Vanity Fair. In NY, he made catalogs for Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, JCrew, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, Talbots and ad campaigns for Warner Bros, LEE, Levis, GAP, Tampax, among others. – Nokia Conversations


Since the announcement of Nokia 808 PureView i have been intrigued what professionals could do using 808 PureView. Nokia has truly created something amazing with that camera sensor be it your everyday camera phone user or somebody who can take everything out from the 808 PureView settings.

Hopefully Nokia will only keep improving the PureView technology, rather than watering it down on future phones.

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