Jolla’s meego user interface is ready confirmed by CEO of Jolla


According to CEO of Jolla, Jussi Hurmola tell their not yet announced user interface is ready to go.

Our UI is ready now, we haven’t released it yet, we will save it for the product launch and the platform is getting up now so the project looks pretty nice. – Hurmola

Jolla UI will be a change from anything existing at the moment. At the time when iOS and Android came, they made a difference and they have been updating and developing their UIs a bit, but we can take a major step forward. – Hurmola

Jolla will be reviving assets that where created in Nokia’s and Intel’s MeeGo projects.

They have their MeeGo stuff and now we are basically going around the globe and collecting all this stuff back together. – Hurmola

Jolla is sticking in that 2012 launch but wont give any certain dates. Jolla is also heavily recruiting in Finland and China. For it’s Finnish offices it aims for 100 people before years end.



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