ACL On Meego for Jolla brings THE RUNNING OF 40k+ Android apps AND GAMES

OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) brings over 400,000+ Android Apps to your MeeGo device. ACL for MeeGo performs seamlessly on Smartphones, Tablets, eReaders, Connected TVs and In-Vehicles. ACL powers MeeGo devices with an Apps ecosystem touting over 400,000 Android apps.

This demo showcases ACL (version .9) running Pine Trail on version 1.2.09 of MeeGo. Means it will definatly

ACL solves the App barrier by allowing Android apps to run on that particular OS. It sounds great but will it be great in practice.

Here’s a demo on a MeeGo tablet.

Jolla and CEO Jussi Hurmola does not want to even announce the Android applications support. Hurmola says that the smartphone will also HTML5 and Qt-based applications.
Hurmola is convinced that Meego transparency to stimulate interest in both sports enthusiasts and professionals. He praises in interview with the multi-tasking better than competitors. Which promises a whole new experience.
“Our user interface is more modern than the Android and iPhone. They have remained static time point for five years, but can do better, “says Hurmola 3T Journal.
Hurmola, once the former top level exicutive of nokia, f

avorite phones are the Nokia N900 and N9. Even among the user interface can he still be improved.
“We are exporting our smart phones ahead of the current applications to open and close based user interfaces,” he explains.
The first smartphone Hurmola does not reveal much. He says that the touchscreen device, 3.5-inch screen feels small, so you can expect bigger. Device brings sub-contractor, but who also paid the device designers.

SOURCE : Interview THE 3T


5 comments on “ACL On Meego for Jolla brings THE RUNNING OF 40k+ Android apps AND GAMES

  1. claos
    August 19, 2012

    do they plan for india

    • ajaybundela
      August 19, 2012

      Nokia N9 is not available for India !!!!!!!!

  2. houges
    August 19, 2012

    best of the both worlds! 🙂

    • Nokiarules
      August 19, 2012

      ya it is , meego future is bright…

      also you will have tizan (tizmee) and firfox OS apps run in some days. just wait and watch its gonnabe more interasting , let december comes, cell phone world will go boom

    • claos
      August 21, 2012

      both are linux, thats why

      and they are brother OS, android hes jimm trainer and dietry updates,

      but meego was on dieting in nokia , but now its in health acadmy of jolla

      we will see that game is good

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