Pure multitasking by pureview 808 running 40 apps without lag…

Here’s a video showing the Nokia 808 PureView multitasking 40 apps. Apparently with no lag. Not bad. I’ve only just had to remove the battery on my 808 after it froze whilst only having the gallery in the background :/

They note that the apps don’t tombstone or suspend like WP7.5 or iOS. For some people real multitasking is essential. Things run in the background so they continue to do what you set them to (play music/load web page/install/download something) and resume instantly (for games, those tend to be frozen too. Understandable though).

This weekend I’ve been playing with the iPad Manchester Medschool gave the students. Some things like music ran in the background fine, but other things like the app store were suspended. Each time you install something and try to put a new app on app store, the app store has to reload itself and doesn’t even remember the last section of apps you scrolled to. It was very annoying.

I think WP7.5 on the Lumia does a better job with instant resume, especially on the core apps. It’s not technically ‘true’ multitasking but it is real fast switching. These limitations in part help with the overall stability of the device. Multitasking is both about being able to do many things simultaneously and switch quickly between tasks. For some where both is important, we have Maemo/MeeGo/Symbian.


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