Nokia Flame incoming: 4-inch low-end Windows 8

Nokia’s just outed two Windows 8 handsets this week, but now it looks like there’s another incoming. The Lumia 920 is the high-end blower, the 820 is the mid-range, and now the forthcoming ‘Flame’ looks set to cover the low-end, The Verge reports.

It says sources have tipped it off about the upcoming handset. The Flame (I’d expect that name to change to something more boring) is said to have a 4-inch screen and 5-megapixel camera. There’s 512MB of RAM inside, along with a 1GHz dual-core processor and 4GB storage.

The device is not much differ from Nokia’ Zeal’ WP device is said to be mid-range featuring dual core 1.0GHz, 512MB RAM, 8GB storage and MicroSD card slot.

While Nokia still faces an incredibly battle with Apple and Google in the smartphone arena, creating more carrier partnerships and better app support is essential to their success and may help them begin chipping away at iOS and Android market share.


One comment on “Nokia Flame incoming: 4-inch low-end Windows 8

  1. binhden25
    February 26, 2013


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