Apps makes your pureview Tony stark

Must Have Apps for the Nokia 808 Pureview

Gravity – For Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Youtube, Google Reader. (must have!)
Extra buttons – Easy access to Power Saving option and Open Applications
Spotify – premium account required and unfortunately no support for scrobbling to LastFM
Mobbler – Scrobbling tracks played with the music player to LastFM
Clock Sync – Sync the phone clock with an outside source once in a while
Nokia Sleeping Screen – nice lock screen
Nokia Internet Radio – listen to online internet radio
Nokia Maps – offline navigation
NetQin Mobile Security – Firewall, virusscanner, task manager, network manager, application manager all-in-one.
Kik messenger – to chat with my nieces and nephews (they each have an iPod touch)
GoogaSync – sync multiple google calendars (expensive, but works well!)
Icon Changer – Change apps home screen icon to selfmade icons
Pocketbooth – create nice retrostyle photobooth pictures (just a fun app)
Screensnap – to create snapshots of my homescreens
SoundHound – to recognize that song playing on the radio. (although I think Shazam is out-of-the-box functionality in Nokia Belle)
UpCode – barcode scanner
Youtube Downloader – download Youtube video’s
Podcatcher – download podcasts
Nokia Big Screen: when connecting your phone to your television using the HDMI out option, this apps turns the phone into a remote control to scan through and select video’s, photo’s and music tracks.
Nokia Car Mode: simplified telephone menu for easy access to basic telephone functions in your car.
Swype: alternative keyboard using swype method for entering text.
Sports Tracker

Than ElPeter added his list. Some of the apps he likes were already mentioned by Joi-C above, but a double mention stresses there importance I guess, so I didn’t bother to look for duplicates (call me lazy).

Belle Extra buttons -> Of course the must-have app #1
ScreenSnap -> take screenshots
Toshl -> Personal finance manager
QuickOffice -> manage docs, xls, etc..
NiceAlarm -> alarms with a random number to deactivate it, for people who wake up is a big effort :P
CallSafe -> Not ending calls accidentaly any more
ClockSync -> always the exact time ^^
MemCheck -> See whats happening on memory on every moment ;)
X-Plore -> file explorer with many options ;)
QuickLaunch -> From the HS a way to start four desired apps
CarMode -> Must-have if you drive a lot and have a hands-free set
AppStop -> to controll whats happening on your apps execution
ShakeAndGo -> I use it to open whatsapp only shaking my N8 ^^
BatteryMonitor -> To know when your phone will die :P
Winrar -> manage rar files
LeStartStop -> Could control when whatsapp is running
SlideUnlock -> Good app to lock/unlock phone with many options

Maps -> latest versions works very well ^^
Swype -> to write as speed as you can ;) (for those who like me have big fingers :P)

Folderplay -> Play music separated in folders
Soundtracker -> The Nokia Spotify
SophieCam -> apply effects to your pictures, or take pictures with effects ^^
Panorama -> take panorama pictures
VideoPro -> Edit videos whith effects
Videoplaylist -> to play music videos (or whatever) from a list you can edit
Boldbeast Recorder -> to keep clues on conversations ;)
AAction -> this app is very usefull to me, I have a handsfree set that N8 detect as a headphones and when I plug it N8 starts music player automatically, so this app is to stop music player when this handsfree is plugged in
MusicStopper -> to stop music after a X time

4squick -> great 4Square app
CutePress -> GREAT WordPress editor
Notekeeper -> Evernote Client for belle
Gravity -> Twitter client and many other social client with great functions
AccuWeather -> Weather forecast
LinkedIn -> linkedin app :P
Whastapp -> what to say about this…  :-X
FastTube -> great youtube client for our Belle phones
DropML -> Dropbox client write on QT

SportsTracker -> track sports running, walking, etc…
Wellnes diary -> track every step you do always ;)
Barbell Gym -> a help to the gym with exercises and tracking workouts

AngryBirds  ;)


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