How to get $100 Free At&t credit When you Buy a Lumia 900, Even After the Data Fix | Last Chance to Get $100 Free Credit with Your Lumia 900

LUMIA 900 : Clear Your Update And Know, How To Get Your $100 Back …

Nokia has already rolled out the software fix for the crippling data bug that has struck some of the Lumia 900s; that’s great news but for anyone who has been holding out on buying one you should REALLY get one now. Here’s why, anyone with the Data issue (or actually anyone who already purchases a Lumia 900) is eligible to receive the $100 as well as the option to replace their phone for a spanking new one UNTIL APRIL 21ST. The issue is however that all At&t stores are out of stock of both the Cyan and the Black Lumia 900, the reason? they’ve been sent back to Nokia for “re-flashing” with the latest FW that includes the data fix; it’s unclear when they’ll be back in stock or if these devices will actually be eligible for the $100 offer. Therefore your safest bet is Amazon which has both colors in stock  for $49.99.



Bonus tip- you should be able to switch your Lumia (be it Black or Cyan) for a white one if you like once they’re released on the 22nd free of charge.

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