HDMI out on Nokia 808 PureView | Instant picture from lock! | Faster than WP or anything else!

Right we have the news which can smokes any WINDOWS, ANDROID or iOS, anything else


Here’s another hands on at the Nokia 808 Event in India, something different we can take here is the demo of the HDMI out, via the bigscreen app. background blur here is the first time in any camera phone they’re able to show a real bokeh effect. I’m sure the N8 was able to do bokeh on close up subjects, right ? 

The point here is reiterated – it’s not the megapixels, it’s what you do with it. It’s unfortunate that both naysayers and Nokia are arguing the same point, it’s just that the misguided naysayers have no idea that everything they’re supposedly promoting is embodied in the 808 PureView.

Note that this particular 808 has some photos as far back as November 2011, taken by a proto in the fall (Q3 time).

Something that is completely new and amazing to me is how quickly this is ready to take a picture. Now Windows Phone was the first to go with the quick unlock by holding the camera button. Next iPhone copied, followed by Android, e.g. HTC. The latter two requiring touch movements. The 808 is INCREDIBLY fast. Look how it’s just pressed and it’s ready. I love this feature. Although not too clear, note the movement of the finger motioning to press the shutter key when locked and how quickly the viewfinder is initiated. I love it! This outdoes all those slightly more fiddly quick launch options by touch. Wow.



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