Another Nokia windows or Symbian device at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) |

It seems that another Nokia, once seen as a concept Windows Phone or symbian has appeared at a patent office.

Looks like the HTC One X,

More official concepts Windows Phone devices are being patented by Nokia with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Design patent D650,350 filed back in May 26, 2011 reveals another Nokia Windows or Symbian Phone device design, and interestingly, we’ve seen this one before too. Check out the design patent below:


The design is an unreleased device (it’s close to the Lumia 610, but not quite). However, it does closely match another one of Nokia’s Windows Phone design concept officially revealed back in February last year. See it for yourself below.



Concept Nokia Windows Phone

The design we seen will be in the market(may be in Q3) as soon Nokia place  it for the competition in cell phone war.

What Do You Think the White one ( first one ) of these two design is WINDOWS or Symbian ??

i think It’s pretty sleek and Symbian FP1 is looking like it deserves to be in a new slim handset.



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