Word Tiles – Words With Friends on Symbian and MeeGo

A game for Symbian and MeeGo called Word Tiles – an equivalent to Words with Friends. Scrabble if you will.

Inside this game developments :

The game has actually been in development for 10 months now when it became obvious that Symbian needed a great multiplayer crossword game. The length of time that it took is due to the fact that it’s mainly been just me working on it and as a hobby not a full time job. The game is developed almost entirely in Qt Quick using QML and javascript which really is a big tip of the hat to capabilities of the Qt Quick platform. 


Nokia really has had a bad time since management last year basically said stop developing for the platform. It left a huge vacuum in developer mind share which I must admit I and a few others have exploited since. Nokia apps have actually helped me, my wife and two year old daughter to travel the world for the last six months . Coming from Australia we’ve spent time in the USA and Europe. I’ve become a digital nomad. 

As long as Symbian/N9 users keep using their phones I will keep supporting them.

The future for Fumbo (my label) will no longer be exclusively on Symbian but employing more HTML5 technologies as it evolves for mobile devices. This won’t mean Nokia users lose out though as there’s good support nok Meego and even Symbian for these technologies.

Word Tiles

Price: Free



And If Your A WINDOWS then,

A new app Wordament brings word tournaments to Xbox Live on Windows Phone on April 25


Microsoft Studios has officially announced that the Xbox Live version of Wordament launches on April 25. The game prematurely appeared on the Marketplace’s list of Xbox Live games last week, but was not Live-enabled.

The game-play involves trying to find as many words as possible from a field of 16 letters, all within a time limit. The hook? You’re competing against hundreds of others in real-time over the Internet.

Visually it’s quite plain, but the multiplayer/leaderboard aspect is compelling.


3 comments on “Word Tiles – Words With Friends on Symbian and MeeGo

  1. goata anpic
    April 19, 2012

    great game i just downlaod from store

  2. Juri clan
    April 19, 2012

    symbian game is better but 25th in market place i gonna download

  3. Anonymous
    April 22, 2012

    Nice game

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