Microsoft Business Apps (Version 2.01) finally available for E6 via Nokia Suite.


If you remember when Microsoft Business Apps were made available to all devices excluding N8,E6 and 500, it was mentioned that these will come later to the aforesaid devices due to some issues. For N8, huge size of update (50+) MB was an issue as the apps will install to C drive . For E6 screen resolution was an issue. For 500 absence of GPU is the issue.

But N8 finally got the update and I am really loving Office mobile, One note and the changes that it brings to Nokia mail client.

Now time for E6 users to rejoice as  Microsoft Apps are now available for E6 via Nokia Suite and you need to have minimum 50 MB free space on you C drive for installing these apps. Also seeing the version number  (Version 2.01) of Apps, it seems to be the same update which was made available to 701 and N8.

The description of the update gives an idea that following  apps and changes are included in this update,


Power point broadcast

One note

Microsoft office mobile

UI changes in Mail client


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