Amazing Lumia more popular search term than Windows Phone Same with Nokia vs Apple that’s why Nokia Rules.

I thought I already wrote up this post to be scheduled but it seems not. Anyway, this story is about how web searches for Lumia had been eclipsing Windows Phone since pretty much the moment Nokia Lumia was announced.

As much as some die hards Windows Phone fan may want to deny it, people pay attention to Windows Phone because of Nokia and Nokia essentially rescued Windows Phone from certain oblivion (at their own expense) to which they are now pretty much fused in terms of destiny.

No matter what happens to an old model, you’ve always got the main brand to build earn recognition. Nokia did this a little bit with the N95 (N95 8GB) but then lost its way in polluting Nseries with craptastic devices.

Think of iPhone, Galaxy S – they instantly get the user to associate any reputation from the older devices with the newest one. It’s also easier to remember. It’s an iPhone – it’s the latest Galaxy S, and now, Lumia.

Despite possibly higher news reference to Windows Phone than lumia on its own, more people care about the Nokia Lumia than Windows Phone. It’s not really Windows Phone they’re after, but Nokia Lumia and the experience of Lumia (which, yes it’s WP but Nokia has made that their identity).

To give this some context though, N8 still gets a higher search ranking than Lumia at their highest peaks.

All dwarfed by Galaxy S

Relative to iPhone searches, it’s all a bit of a blip on the radar for all of those combined. Now iPhone has been around now since 2007. What Apple did best of all was not the product itself, but the branding, the association, the imagery, the culture, the reputation around iPhone, iOS and iPad.

iPhone is a more popular search term than Apple.

But Nokia still teeters back and forth between being a more popular search term than Apple.

Does it mean much? Well, that people are still looking for Nokia things. It should not, by any means, suggest any cause for celebration.

Source: Google Trends Via (12)


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