Final Fantasy for Windows Phone: Top 5 tips and tricks

Final Fantasy on Xbox Live for Windows Phone landed recently and we checked it out on ourNokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 610 to see how well it played. If you’ve downloaded this game and are looking for a little assistance, it seems help it at hand. Check out the Final Fantasy for Windows Phone tips and tricks

Andy Myers is the resident, and it seems self-appointed, Final Fantasy guru over at the Windows Phone teamblog. That’s because not only is he a huge gaming fan, he’s also the guy who wrote the original player’s guide for the release of Final Fantasy for the Game Boy Advance way back when.

We mention this as he’s just written up a rather neat little blog post to help those who are struggling with the early stages of Final Fantasy for Xbox Live.

Team mix: Andy points out that getting the right balance for your 4-man team is essential. Aim to have at least one Warrior for offensive reasons and one White Mage for healing skills.

Take your time: Final Fantasy it seems is one of those games that works best when you take your time and play slow. Andy’s top tip here is ‘Explore the town before heading out into the overworld. Stock up on potions from the item shop, and make sure your party members are well equipped.’

Experience: Don’t head straight to the first dungeon thinking you can own it. Spend some time out in the wilds building up your team strength and learning how to beat the Goblins, wolves and other beasts that are about! What’s more, ‘when you’re low on health, just hop back into town and rest at the Inn.’

Chaos Shrine tip: Right, once you’re up to speed with Final Fantasy and want to do a bit of dungeon bashing, as they call it in RPG circles, it’s time to head to the Chaos Shrine. However, before you do so make sure you’ve bought ‘the white-magic spell Dia and the black-magic spell Sleep from the magic vendors in town’.

Secret puzzle: Here’s one we didn’t know and we’re guessing that many first time players of Final Fantasy won’t either. It seems the game has a secret puzzle that you can play to get extra items! Head to the town of Provoka where you’ll find some pirates hanging out. Once you’ve defeated them, the Pirate Captain will award you his ship.

Andy picks up the story, ‘While sailing in the ship, hold one finger on the right side of the screen while tapping on a different spot on the screen. Tap about two dozen times, and the puzzle will unlock. The faster you complete the puzzle, the greater the reward.

DOWNLOAD: Final Fantasy >> enjoy >>

You have to admit, that’s some great advice to get you started with the game. What’s more, it’s worth checking out the full post as they have a neat video demo of the secret level.

Have you been playing Final Fantasy on your Nokia Lumia? Let us know how you’ve been getting on by leaving a comment below.

Via: windowsteamblog 



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