Stephen Elop suggests an October 2012 release for Windows Phone 8

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 8 would “be an important catalyst” for the company’s range of Lumia smartphones.

The New York Times reports that Elops also gave more specific details on Windows Phone 8. Reportedly, Nokia’s chief mentioned that WP8 would be released in October. And this does make sense, as Windows 8 for PCs and tablets is also going to be out that month.

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop

Elop didn’t say if the world’s first Windows Phone 8 devices would come from Nokia. But most likely they will, since Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft is now stronger that anyone else’s. Of course, Samsung, HTC and others will also offer Windows Phone 8 handsets later this year, but it’s Nokia who should have the highest number of devices.

In Q2 2012, Nokia sold 4 million Lumia phones (Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Lumia 710, and Lumia 610) worldwide. Let’s wait and see if Windows Phone 8 can drive sales up, as Nokia is hoping.



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