UPDATED : Nokia City Lens for Windows Lumia Phone updated to 1.1

Now you can simply launch Nokia City Lens on your phone to easily find all the places you want to go. City Lens instantly reveals what you’re looking for on your phone’s camera display, no matter if it’s down the street or just around the corner.

You simply tap your chosen destination on your screen to conveniently access walking directions, make a reservation, or learn more detailed information about the locale.

City Lens from Nokia helps in locating the various places like restaurants, hotels, ATM, Police stations, Hospitals etc. tag, share, save your location in a visual way, in short we can say it as visual exploration/navigation.

Nokia had recently updated its Augmented reality app to version 1.1 but it still lives with beta tag.

Change log from Nokia:

We have been listening to you on BetaLabs and the top two reported issues were missing nearby Points of Interest and the compass calibration. Our latest release now delivers more destinations close to where you are, an improved compass calibration that takes less time and provides visual indicators, and the ability to view the Point of Interest detail in landscape or portrait views for better flexibility. We appreciate your input and will continue to make changes to Nokia City Lens based on your feedback.

By using City Lens, we can:

Locate our destination, our way.

See what’s nearby the way that works best for us—whether through a camera view, list view, or maps view—including landmarks, restaurants, hotels, shops and more.

Get the details.

Gather the information about a chosen spot—all at a glance. Simply tap to call for more info, read a review, or view detailed descriptions to learn everything we need to know before we go.

Share our location.

With just one tap on our Nokia phone, we can share your destination with friends via social networks, SMS, or email. Quickly spread the word of where you’ll be and how to quickly get there.

Save our searches.

City Lens saves your recent searches so we can look up one of your last favorite spots in just seconds. It’s a great way to jog your memory and save time—all in an instant.


Please make sure to rate our service by answering the NPS questions in the client. If you would like to provide more detailed feedback, use the forum, located here on Beta Labs. Our team monitors the feedback and will respond to you via the forum


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