Stephen Elop : Nokia Windows Phone 8 launching “relatively near term.”- “SOON”

Lumia wp8 is most awaited divice for all of us right now and today Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop promised to unveil a new smartphone using Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 software soon, in the recant inerview with Reuters’s Balazs Koranyi and Ritsuko Ando.

This raising the prospect it will be launched in early September.

But still Elop has not commented on what it will announce at the Nokia World event, but business magazines have said it will unveil the new Windows 8 smartphones.

Elop, in Oslo for a meeting with Telenor Chief Executive Jon Fredrik Baksaas, did not deny a September launch but would only say Windows 8 smartphones would be released “relatively near term.”

Launching this year could still not mean any phones are available this year. We are in mid August. We have, September, October, November, and December left. Should we see at the earliest, a September launch, it’s not very un Nokia like not to exceed 6 months until they have the phone on the shelves.

We can just have some hope is that Nokia repeats or betters the launch seen with the Nokia Lumia 800. I.E. Have it shipping on the day of launch, possibly on shop markets in weeks. Since Nokia most likely has been working on WP8 concurrently with WP7, they should also have had much more time to iron out any major bugs.


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