Two upcoming Nokia devices RM-877 and RM-941spotted at FCC


First one is RM-877 which figured 130.35mm tall and 71.4mm wide (1 mm taller than the 925). The device carries At&t’s 4G/LTE bands, as well as NFC, Bluetooth and Wifi. It’s a safe bet to assume that this device is the Nokia EOS or recent leak; especially since according to the FCC document it was tested out with a “Camera Grip”, model PD-95G as well as a wireless charging snap on cover (like the 720′s and 925′s).

Another one FCC sighting of the Nokia RM-941  is made for you especially if you liked Nokia’s mid-range Lumia 720, it looks like there is a successor in the works,

The device seems to have a WVGA display and will come with 4G LTE support in the form of LTE845, LTE1800, and LTE2500.

The dimensions are similar to the Lumia 720, which is why it is speculated that the RM-941 could be the successor to the handset, even if it does end up looking more like the Lumia 925. The RM-941 has been spotted in Taiwan and Hong Kong before so it could be limited to Asian markets. Then again, it has hit the FCC.


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This entry was posted on June 19, 2013 by in NOKIA, WINDOWS.


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