Second One has finally comes Nokia WP8 Front Frame Leaked

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Earlier this week we saw the first physical evidence of the upcoming range of WP8, in the form of a leaked front screen/Bezzel. Today comes a second different frame that’s been leaked out of the factory, this one carries the branding on it which is customary for all Nokia prototypes. Also note the fact that the Nokia Branding is on the Right side of the screen rather than centered, possibly pointing to a carrier branding on the complementary side- as is with the Lumia 900 on At&t?

The screen measures 4″ according to the source, making it slightly smaller than the previous leak we saw (4.3″). It’s speculated that neither this device nor the previous leak are the successors to the current Lumia design, that spot is apparently taken by the yet to be seen “Nokia Phi”. We find the large amount of bezzel at the bottom of the screen quite disturbing, hopefully it matches/compliments the overall device design and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on bazel under the 3 capacitive keys (like the Lumia 800).

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